• Hey friends, we have good news ... the office has power! That means we will be up and running on Monday and will work as fast as possible to ship orders. The Mug Rug Club is scheduled to ship on Tuesday and we should be able to ship everything on time. Yay!

The not so great news? Our homes are still without power. Our neighbors worked some magic with chainsaws and carved a path through a huge oak tree so we can drive cars in and out of our street. That allowed us to get out to a restaurant to charge our phones, have some AC, see some friends and discover the power at the office. Julie was able to drive over to her house and also check on our new office. Her house will need some minor roof work but no major damage.

The linemen/women and all of those involved in tree removal and power restoration are working hard here in Tallahassee. Not having power is a slight inconvenience but it’s truly nothing compared to what many surrounding communities are experiencing. We have very dear friends with absolutely terrible damage to their homes and businesses. I wish we were there to lend a helping hand but it’s still best that the professionals clear the roads before civilians are driving around getting in the way of relief efforts. 
If you can, a donation to the Red Cross will help in the recovery. You can specify Hurricane Michael and your donation will directly help those across five states that have been affected. Here’s the link:

We still have limited information but do hope to organize a way to help those in need. A fresh pillowcase or a warm quilt may be that bit of comfort someone needs to feel normalcy again. But other items may be much more necessary so once we know more we will update you! 
Thank you all again for the kind words and comments over this past week! - Brittany
  • We interrupt the regularly scheduled Stitch365 tips for a hurricane Michael update... We are safe. No structural damage at Brittany’s house so far where we all are. The storms not over but we feel it calming down some. We are trapped, though, by huge oak trees that fell on power lines on both sides of the street/house. 
We still hope to be at the office on Friday but we aren’t sure about getting there or how the office or Julie’s house has faired. ( or of we Will have Power) 
We are so grateful to be safe and sound. A lot of people are not nearly as lucky and we are keeping everyone in our thoughts. Panama City Beach was our home for 30+ years and the damage there is quite substantial. 
We thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and will keep you updated as we are able to make our way to the office and how you can help those in need. Without power we only know what friends have texted us and many, many communities in the North Florida area and into Alabama and Georgia will need our help. 
Stay safe everyone. ❤️ Edits at 6:47pm: we are getting word from our friends in Panama City, the Beach and Lynn Haven that things are quite terrible. We are going to continue to update you with how we all can help them.
  • It’s Day 71 of Stitch365! Today’s tip is how to glue hexies. It’s so easy - you’ll be addicted to making hexies in no time at all! Watch the full video on YouTube :)
  • Hey friends, 
Our office is closed the rest of today and will remain closed through Thursday due to Hurricane Michael. We hope to be back to work on Friday as long as we have power. Please note that any orders placed over the next few days will begin shipping on Friday. 
If you are in the path of the storm, we hope you and your family remain safe and make it through the storm without property damage! 
In the meantime, enjoy 25% off PDF Downloadable Patterns using coupon code “hurricanemichael”! Shop here:

We will keep you updated throughout the week. Stay safe everyone!
  • It’s Day 70 of Stitch365! Today’s tip is about your favorite mini charms and how easy it is to use them for Hexies! Watch the full video over on our YouTube Channel!
  • It’s Day 69 of Stitch365 and we are sharing a tip for when you’re making Hexies! 
Use your favorite appliqué pressing sheet, the Fusamat, and your fabric won’t slip and slide everywhere when you’re glueing! 
Need a Fusamat? We have them here:
  • It’s Day 68 of Stitch365! 
Today we are sharing the Prince Challenge Quilts from AQS Quilt Week in Virginia Beach. Every quilter was given the same colors and fabrics to work with. Their creations are amazing and a lovely tribute to the wonderful artist known as Prince. 
Wish we could have put a song by Prince in the background of the video! Watch the rest of the video on YouTube!
  • It’s Day 67 and we are bringing you a new club! 
Watch the video to find out and then explore here:

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