• These two sure are making today’s giveaway pretty fun! Click link in profile to find out details 🎄
  • ⭐️We have a special guest join us today ... it is Steven! Steven is Julie's favorite son-in-law and Brittany's very-good-sport husband! ⭐️ 🚨 Enter to win today's giveaway here: (Giveaway entry date is December 11th, 2018 only.)🚨 🛒 Use coupon code "660" to save 60% off in stock items that are part of our 12 Days of Christmas Progressive Sale: (The coupon code is valid on December 11th and 12th, 2018 only.) 🛒 🎃 And don't forget to visit the page all about A Girl's Life Stitchery Club. We would love for you to join us and stitch the whole year of 2019 with us! About the Club: 👻 🦇 ❤️ Thank you to Steven for playing along with us in the studio and agreeing to wear your awesome Elf Jacket and Tie! ❤️
  • Have you seen Miss November?! She’s part on A Girl’s Life Stitchery Club starting January 1st! Click on over to Clubs on our website to learn all about the fun year we will have stitching together on these darling girls 👍😀❤️
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  • Here is Miss December of the new Girl’s Life Stitchery Club!

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