• It’s Day 50 (wow!) of Stitch365! Today is the the final tip in our “Attending Quilt Shows” Series. 
We are on the way to Grand Rapids for AQS Quilt Week and spent the night in Louisville, Kentucky last night. We had dinner along the river and it was such a lovely view with the twinkling lights of the city. 
Today, we finish the drive north but get to stop in Holland, Michigan for a fun afternoon! We’ll share pictures of what I know will be a cute town! 
Tomorrow we start our week of filming direct from AQS! We will share behind the scenes of the quilt show, demos from Julie and some interviews with fellow vendors!
  • It’s Day 49 of Stitch365! 
We are in the car on the way to Grand Rapids and using this very tip! We’ve got the sewing bag all packed up for some hand sewing today 😀
  • It’s Day 48 of Stitch365! Check out today’s tip 😀📱✅
  • It’s Day 47 of Stitch365! Click the video to see today’s tip!
  • Hey there! We continue the Stitch365 theme this week of quilt show tips! 
Today’s tip for Day 46 is to start at the opposite of everyone else! You know when you get to a show you naturally start at the beginning... try starting at the end or the back and you’ll have more space away from the busy crowds to visit booths, chat with vendors, have one on one demos and see the beautiful quilts! 
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Make sure to visit us at AQS Grand Rapids 2018, AQS Virginia Beach 2018 and Fall International Quilt Festival 2018! We will have all kinds of patterns and kits from our website and live demos with Julie throughout the show in our booth!
  • It’s Day 45 of Stitch365 and the third tip in our “quilt show” series this week. 
Every tip this week is a quick tip to make attending large quilt shows fun, enjoyable and comfortable so you can shop till you drop and see all the quilts in the exhibit!
  • It’s Day 44 of Stitch365 and today we continue our series of tips for attending large quilt shows. 
Want to come visit us? Here’s where we will be this fall:
- Grand Rapids for AQS Quilt Week
- Virginia Beach for AQS Quilt Week
- Houston for International Quilt Festival 
Hope one of those shows is nearby your home so you can come see our booth and we can meet in person!
  • Today we start a series of quilt show tips so you can make the most of your time at any show! Checkout the tip for Day 43 of Stitch365...

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